Interactive Whiteboards in Australia

News, ideas and discussion about interactive whiteboards in education

About this site

I am an Interactive Whiteboard Trainer and curriculum developer, working at Concept AV in Perth, Western Australia. I used a Promethean Activboard in my classroom for two years before moving to my current role.

I’m interested in how the IWB can be a useful tool in the classroom, and how teachers learn to implement it into their teaching. I’m also interested in innovative ways that ICT can be used in the classroom and will occasionally post on these topics.


2 Responses to “About this site”

  1. Tony Searl said

    Thank you so much for establishing this IWB promethean specific resource. All 2200 NSW DET schools will be using activstudio software on

    IWBs over the next 3 years. It will be a huge growth market of teachers looking for additional ideas and help. I feel this could be ideal.
    Tony Searl

    • rosiemacalpine said

      Many thanks for your kind comment Tony. I hope that this will be a useful resource for Australian teachers who use IWBs. The NSW situation is interesting, I believe it’s one of the only places in the world where the software has been licenced in that way. But I think it’s great that so many teachers get to use Promethean and share their resources.


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