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Adding effects to your flipchart pictures using Microsoft Word 2007

Posted by rosiemacalpine on February 23, 2010

When I’m adding images to an IWB lesson, sometimes I want something to ‘pop’ or look a bit more interesting. This is when I use the picture effects from Microsoft Word to help my images stand out.

Here’s a simple example of the first page of my flipchart. I typed the text, found a picture of Maxwell Smart on the internet and copied and pasted that image into my flipchart.


Not too interesting so far. I want to keep this page simple, but just add a bit of interest.

So in ActivInspire, I right-click on the image of Maxwell and choose ‘Copy’ from the menu. Then I start up Microsoft Word (must be 2007 or later), paste the image, and then click on the image (this is important). As soon I do this, my Microsoft ribbon menu changes.


When I click on the new menu tab (Picture Tools) I can see lots of different effects that I can apply to my picture. Click on any of these to see a preview.


When you are happy with the look of your new picture, right-click on the picture and choose Copy. Then paste it back into your ActivInspire flipchart. This is useful for scenary shots, head shots and pictures of children (such as ‘Star of the Week’).


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