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5 interesting things that you can with Shapes in ActivInspire

Posted by rosiemacalpine on November 19, 2009

The new version of ActivInspire offers lots more choices for using shapes and lines in your teaching. Here are five ways that you may not have thought of before (n.b. some of these tools are available with other IWB software, some are unique to ActivInspire).

1. Making irregular shapes with the Line-Chain shape 


When you use the Line-Chain shape, each click of the pen adds another angle to the shape. Ask students to draw an irregular pentagon, octagon etc, or set challenges ‘Draw an irregular pentagon with one angle of 45 degrees’.


2. Use the rectangle tool to create a Mondrian style painting


The rectangle tool can be dragged to any size or shape. Either change the fill of each shape to red,yellow or blue before you draw, or draw all the shapes in white. Then use the paint bucket to fill in different colours.


3. Matching shapes and outlines

image When you choose a fill for your shape, try using the ‘no fill’ option. This allows you to draw a shape without any fill colour. Then, use the paint bucket tool to fill your shape. When you move the shape, you will find that the outline and the fill move separately. You can then drag the fills and outlines to different areas of the page and ask students to match them.


4. Colour blending using transparent shapes

image Draw any shape and fill a primary colour. You may prefer to delete the border (see previous example) or use a very thin one.

Click on the centre of the shape. On the Object Edit toolbar that appears above the shape, click on the sun icon. Drag it to the left until the shape is semi-transparent. Now duplicate the shape and make them several different colours. Overlap the shapes to see the new colours that appear.


5. Sticky shapes for brainstorming and charts

image Draw three shapes at the bottom of your page. Select them and add ‘Drag a copy’. While the shapes are still selected, go to the Properties Browser and open the Container section. Change the first drop down menu to Can Contain: Anything.

Now you can drag infinite number of shapes onto your page and write on them. The writing will stick to the shape so you can move it around without losing the writing.



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