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Lexipedia online dictionary

Posted by rosiemacalpine on April 6, 2009

Last year, I posted about Visuwords, a lovely interactive online dictionary that looks great on an IWB. I’ve found another great one (actually I think it’s even better) called Lexipedia.

Like Visuwords, you enter a word into the search category and are then presented with a web of words, colour-coded by type (verb, noun etc). You can hover over a word to see a definition, and click and drag the web around the page.

The categories are easier to distinguish than Visuwords, but my favourite feature by far on this site is the ability to filter the types of words. In the screenshots below, I’ve searched for the word screen. In the first shot, all the results are shown. Then in the second shot, I’ve clicked on the nouns link to only display nouns. The third screen shot shows only verbs. This would be a fantastic way to explore and identify different word types.






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