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Fascinating photos on the IWB

Posted by rosiemacalpine on February 16, 2009

Showing interesting photos to your class can be a great way to engage in a topic or discover more about the world. Here’s four great sites that you can explore with your class.

National Geographic imagesimage

This is a great source for photos of the natural world and a range of cultures. In my class, we clicked on the link for “Photo of the Day” every morning. After we had viewed and talked about the photo, we did a right-click on the photo and choose ‘Set as Desktop Background’ so we could see it all day.

This website showcases a news event from somewhere around the world each day and features high quality photos of the event. It’s updated every few days. Recent topics include:

  • A giant spider art installation in Liverpool, UK
  • Bushfires in Victoria, Australia
  • China’s lantern festival in Beijing
  • London from above, at night
  • African migrants to Europe


This intriguing project by photographer Simon Hoegsberg is 100 metres long! It features 178 people that he photographed from a railway bridge in Berlin. The photos are honest and revealing. Unfortunately the title may make it unsuitable for primary classes. There’s lots of interesting possibilities of exploring topics like relationships, emotion, differences, body language, preconceptions etc in these photos.

In the snapshot below I’ve used the blind tool to cover the title bar, and minimized the start bar so I could use this with a class without them seeing a distressing title (there’s nothing in the content that is unsuitable, just the title!) You use the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to browse through the images.


LIFE magazine on Google Images

LIFE have added all their previous photos to Google Images so you can search for these fascinating historical pictures. As a US magazine, there’s an understandable bias for US content, but well worth a look for people in other countries too.



Here’s some off-the-cuff ideas about how to use the photos interactively on your whiteboard:

  • Students use the camera tool to photograph a favourite part of an image. View everyone’s favourites and discuss at the end of the lesson.
  • Use the spotlight tool to cover the image. Ask students to guess what it is, or rest the spotlight on one portion of it to focus their attention.
  • Use the pen tool to annotate over the picture. For example, you might get students to use a red pen to circle all the 1940’s artefacts in one of the LIFE photographs.
  • Use the sound recorder to add voices to people in stories.
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