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Using online videos in the classroom – moving beyond YouTube

Posted by rosiemacalpine on January 28, 2009

Recently I’ve blogged about some alternative ways to download video from the internet to play on your interactive whiteboard. Here are three sites that are really worthwhile to look at using in the classroom.

1. Teachertube


Teachertube is a US based site with thousands of videos designed for teachers and classrooms. It’s a great place to browse and find interesting new videos for your class. Inappropriate videos are quickly flagged and removed so you can feel safe using the site.

2. and

The UK site is the original site. The Australian site was launched recently and allows access to much of the UK content as well Australian specific content. This site features professionally made videos (often in series) designed to teach specific content. It also has PD content for teachers which is well made and interesting to watch.

If you are outside the UK, you can access some videos (from the UK site) but not all of them.


3. Videojug

This is a ‘how-to’ video site. It’s similar to YouTube as it has lots of great educational content – but some instructional videos and comments that are not appropriate for children to view! When I used this in the classroom, I let parents know that, like YouTube, it was not an appropriate site for children to browse alone.

It has got a huge range of videos that can tap into a classroom topic. It’s also great for procedural writing as many of the videos list the ‘steps’ in the process. The screenshot below shows the range of videos under the topic of camping.



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