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Adjusting height fit – do you have trouble seeing all of the flipchart?

Posted by rosiemacalpine on January 23, 2009

Whether you are downloading other people’s flipcharts from Promethean Planet, or making your own, you may have run into this problem.


It’s annoying when you can’t see the whole flipchart on your computer. You can use the scroll bar, but most pages are better viewed in one go. In the flipchart above, some of the resources are now hidden at the bottom of the page – and so are the instructions!

This happens because people that create flipcharts have different sizes of computer screens. For example, you might have a wide screen laptop on which you make your flipcharts.

When you show them at school, your board is (usually) the size of a ‘normal computer’ (a 4:3 ratio of width:height). So it’s going to skew your page.


I’m simplifying this a little bit, but this is basically what causes the problem. And here is the solution.

To stop your flipcharts falling off the page when you put them on a 4:3 board, make in a 4:3 mode. To do this, go to Main Menu on your toolbar image . Then choose Studio Settings… and click on Flipchart in the left hand column.


Change the Default page scale to Height Fit, and the Default page size to 1024*768.

Now when you are on your widescreen computer, your flipcharts will look like this (note the black ‘world’ on both sides).


When the image is projected on the board it will now display properly.


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