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Changing your settings in Activstudio

Posted by rosiemacalpine on January 12, 2009

When I conduct training for teachers, I usually start by making a few changes to the default settings of the program. Here’s a list of four settings that I like to change and instructions on how to change them. All of the settings are located in the main menu which is the button at the top left hand side of the Main Toolbox.


1. Bump up the colours.

The standard version of Activstudio comes with eight colours. If you’d like to add some more, then go to Main Menu> Customise…> Colours> and click 24.


2. Get your Task bar back.

This is a matter of personal opinion, but I don’t like the standard Activstudio flipchart which covers my taskbar. I’m used to the standard Windows settings of being able to get to it when I need it. Go to Main Menu> Customise…> Flipchart Style> Standard Windows.


Now your flipchart page will look like this. Apologies in advance to the anti-windows people! 🙂


image3.  Studio settings. The next two changes are in Main Menu> Studio Settings…

a) Click Toolboxes in the left hand menu. Change toolbox docking to Yes and Rollup.  Now whenever you drag your toolbar to the side, top, or bottom of the screen, it will automatically roll up out of the way. When you drag it out, it will unroll.

This is a great timesaver, and really helps with the irritation of your toolbox always being in the way. There’s a short video below showing how it works.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


b) Click Linked File Hosting in the left hand menu. Click the tick mark in the Show Sound Controller box, so it is

now unchecked (blank).

The Sound Controller is the box that pops up whenever you play an award sound or your timer sounds. Most people find it rather intrusive. This will help it go away forever!


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