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Google Images – improved image searching

Posted by rosiemacalpine on January 5, 2009

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas/ New Year break. I planned to make a few posts while I was on holiday – but that went out the window once I remembered how to relax! But now I’m back to regular posts again.

A few weeks ago, I posted some tips on how to use Google images more effectively to find images for your Promethean flipcharts/ other IWB software. When I came back from holidays, I found this post from the Google blog showing some brand new ways of searching for images on Google.

When you go to the Google Images homepage, you will find some new options in the right hand drop-down menu:


And don’t forget, you can also use Google Images Advanced Search. This allows you to combine the image type with size, colour, and filetype.

If you regularly hunt for nice images to use in your lessons, you can immediately see the advantage of being able to specify the type of image that you would like.Here are some suggestions for using this search function when making resources for your class.

  • Clipart search: If you are looking for several images to display on the page, it is visually clearer to use single clipart images than photographs with other items obscuring the image. This is particularly important when teaching a new concept to young children. The two images below can be used to represent a computer on a page with several different examples of electrical equipment. Which is clearer?

computer-clipart computer-photo

  • Line drawing: Use this to find diagrams and drawings that can be pasted into worksheets or completed at the board (the water cycle, for example). It’s also useful to finding colouring pages. You can use these on the board as a starter activity for learning how to change colours and use the pen, or as a game. For example, if you are learning about photosynthesis, put a line drawing of a flower on the board and then run a quiz. Every time a group answers a question correctly they can colour in one of the petals on the flower.
  • Photos: These make beautiful backgrounds for your flipcharts. Set the size option to large and find some great background photos to bring your page to life. Try using the tranparency option in your IWB software to fade out your picture, so text and images aren’t obscured.
  • Grayscale: This is in the Advanced Search under Colors. I use this option if I am searching for older photographs. Searching for grayscale toys is an easy way to quickly gather images for a flipchart about old-fashioned toys.

And as always, check for copyright permission especially if you plan to share your work with other teachers.


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