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Improving the look of your images with transparency and point to point

Posted by rosiemacalpine on December 18, 2008

This post rather goes against the spirit of the previous post (which guarded against perfectionism 🙂 )

But once you’ve had a bit of practice with your software, you start to get fussier about the way your images present on your flipchart.

Here’s a screenshot of a flipchart with three fruits:


Let’s start with the orange. When I copied the picture onto my page, the white background came too. This looks ugly against my plate.

In Activstudio, double-click the picture. Then ‘pick the tick’ (click on the properties icon which is a red tick).object-edit-toolbar

In the grey box that appears, click ‘Appearance’ on the left hand side. Then put a tick in the transparency box.

The default for transparency is black, so in this case, you will need to change it. Click on the black square (You won’t see the black square until you’ve ticked the transparency box).

Now you have a pop up image of the orange. Click on any of the white space to chose that as your transparent colour.

The apple isn’t very effective, because there are too many in the picture.  I’ll use a picture of a whole apple instead. I’m also going to use the point to point option on the camera tool in Activstudio to capture the edges of one apple, instead of taking it with a background. I’ll do the same for the picture of the pear.

I’ve been looking for an alternative print screen tool that allows point to point for non-Promethean users, but can’t find one at the moment. If you know of one, let me know!

The final flipchart page. I’ve arranged all the pieces of fruit on the plate (to show off how nice they look).


It would look nicer if they were all photographs but I wanted to include the orange to show how you can work with clipart.

Using the transparency tool to hide a background is not as effective with photographs. Even if the background looks white, there are usually shades of grey that don’t appear until you drag it onto a coloured background. But the technique works very well with drawings and clipart.

Now you’ve taken the time to neaten up these images, make sure you save them into your resource library so they are ready for the next activity.


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