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Searching the web – alternatives to Google

Posted by rosiemacalpine on December 9, 2008

Do you remember the web before Google? When I did my first web search in 1997, AltaVista was my search engine of choice. I also remember  putting the same search term into different engines like AskJeeves and Yahoo!, and getting completely different results!

Nowdays I use Google for 95% of my everyday searching. However the following search engines are worth a look, primarily for exploring a new topic with a class and seeing results from encyclopedias, images, and video.


SearchMe displays your webpages or images as a flow of snapshots (similar to CoverFlow in iTunes). This looks great on an IWB and can be very handy if you are searching for a site that displays text and images in an uncluttered, attractive style so it is accessible for your students.

The other great thing about Searchme is that you can create collections of pages to send to collegues or students. Much more interesting than just sending a page of links! To try it, click on the following link to see the search engines in this articles displayed as a stack: Alternative search engines



Searching in Quintura produces a tag cloud of related terms. Hovering over a word produces a new tag cloud. Web results are on the left hand side. It’s an excellent way of exploring links in a topic.



Powerset is a Wikipedia search engine. Why do you need this, when Wikipedia has a search bar? Powerset has lots of additional features that are worth exploring if you use Wikipedia a lot. I particularly like the keywords results organised into brought, lead to and resulted in sections.



Keyboardr puts YouTube, Google Images, Google Webpages and Wikipedia results on the same page which makes it an great launching pad for an investigation. You can use your keyboard to navigate – but you don’t have to – your mouse and pen/ finger will work fine.goldrushkeyboardr1


Kosmix is similar to Keyboardr but provides much more information on the page. Additional search results include audiobooks, blogs, resources, shopping and Yahoo! answers.



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