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Resizing windows when watching Youtube videos

Posted by rosiemacalpine on December 3, 2008

Youtube is a fantastic resource to use in the classroom – but a contentious one. When I wanted to show Youtube videos to primary students, my main concern was inappropriate comments, video descriptions, or related videos appearing on the screen. I can preview the content, but an appropriate video can be spoilt by these other elements on a page.

There are a variety of ways around this, including downloading videos and showing them in a flipchart instead. This is a must if Youtube is banned at your school. But for those teachers who do have access, this one is so simple – I can’t believe I hadn’t used it before.

Here’s a Youtube video with the window as normal. Can you spot the problem? 😉


To hide the rogue image, click on the restore down button.

This is in the top right hand corner of the window.restore-windows1

Now you will need to move your cursor to the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It will change into a double headed arrow. doublearrow

Click and drag the window until only the video and control bar are visible.


You can change the size of the window before you navigate to the youtube video to avoid any unnecessary sightings!


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